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Thumbnail The Rise of Class Actions: When Shareholders Strike Back
The recent legal challenge by QBE shareholders against the troubled insurance group is just the latest in the “explosive growth” of securities class actions in Australia. But these litigations don’t come out of the blue. New research from the Australian School of Business offers a way to predict which companies are most likely to be sued by their shareholders, with “weaker levels of corporate governance” a key factor. Australia is second only to the US in terms of the likelihood that a company will face a class action.
Knowledge@Australian School of Business 16/04/2014 - 13/05/2014
Thumbnail Aligning Vision: Michael D'Ascenzo on Leadership and the Tax Office
The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is an organisation of great integrity and achieves an important social purpose, according to Michael D'Ascenzo, who led the ATO as commissioner of taxation between 2006 and 2012 in the culmination of a 35-year career in its service. Now an adjunct professor in the school of tax and business law at the Australian School of Business (ASB), D'Ascenzo speaks with ASB's Greg Whitwell and stresses the importance of gaining a high level of alignment, commitment and engagement of employees to the vision and purpose of an organisation.
Thumbnail Yen's Shifting Value Helps Japanese Carmakers Meet New Challenges
Hard-won lessons learned while the yen ran high now offer Japanese automakers advantages as they forge new operating strategies. But how far can global Japanese companies go — or be taken — before they lose the ‘Japaneseness’ that made them great?
Thumbnail Come Together: How Grants, Venture Capital and Private Equity Lift Innovation
Newly created technology companies are an increasingly popular target for venture capital, but how can investors increase their chances of backing a winner? A recent study at the Australian School of Business explains how the interplay of government grants, venture capital and private equity fosters innovation and leads to the creation of commercial value. The various sources of funding work better in concert.   
Thumbnail Rest in Peace: Planning for Your Demise, Digitally
As people continue to build increasingly intricate personas online, the question of what happens to these data troves when individuals die is growing more persistent — and complicated. "Customer savvy and sophistication will increase, companies will begin to streamline their approaches and the legal industry will formalise estate planning,” says Wharton professor of legal studies and business ethics Andrea Matwyshyn.  
Thumbnail Small Business Secrets: Why the Developing World Leads the Way
Tiny family-run businesses in the Middle East and Asia “may look old-fashioned, but they are incredibly quick to listen to customers and change”, notes Andrew Griffiths, Australian author of best-selling business advice books. And according to research by Ajnesh Prasad at the Australian School of Business, the way small businesses thrive in the developing world without an institutional framework offers lessons that can be applied elsewhere.
Thumbnail Hold That Tweet! Building Loyal Customers in the Information Age
While the digital age has changed the rules of marketing, experts at a recent Wharton conference suggest that the most effective outreach centres on personal connections rather than random tweets or texts. We have more data than ever before, but the overwhelming evidence is that customer loyalty is lower.
Thumbnail Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters
According to new research by Wharton’s Sigal Barsade, co-workers demonstrating “companionate love” in the workplace is vital to employee morale, teamwork and customer satisfaction. It’s about colleagues who are together day in and day out, asking and caring about each other’s work and even non-work issues.

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New franchising law no code for fairness
Jenny Buchan The Australian government is moving to introduce a new Franchising Code of Conduct as part of wide-ranging reforms to how franchising arrangements are regulated, claiming it will be fairer for small operators and cut red tape. Whether that will happen is far from certain. The proposed changes will only apply to franchise agreements [...]

Published: Apr 10, 2014 8:05 PM
Why it’s time to quarantine negative gearing
Dale Boccabella Abolishing the sacred cow of negative gearing – where losses can be used as a deduction against other income – is considered by governments of all persuasions as electorally unpalatable. But this part of the income tax system is one of the few areas left which confers this highly favourable treatment. In many [...]
Published: Apr 10, 2014 7:42 PM
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